Dwell Orphan Care

Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Co., Williamsport, PA is hosting Community Tap during the
month of May, 2022, benefitting the central Pennsylvania non-profit organization Dwell Orphan
Care. The family based coffee company will donate $2.00 per cup of a specialty created
horchata cold brew, to Dwell Orphan Care, honoring Foster Care Awareness Month. Businesses
are invited to become Community Tap Champions, pledging a donation of $500 or $1000 toward
the campaign. Donations are tax deductible and support local children in foster care and the
families and caregivers that love them. Coffee patrons are invited to visit Alabaster Coffee at
400 Pine Street in Williamsport during the entire month of May and show your support of
children and families affected by foster care. Email info@dwellorphancare.org for more